3 billboards. 35 million media impressions. A new world champion.

16 clubs. 16 stories. A new era begins.

2 states. 39 years of hate. A rivalry without rival.

2 mates. 39 years of hate. A rivalry without rival.

Coming Soon: 2 Grand Finals. 4 teams. It’s Anyone’s Game.

In 2018, Australia’s National Rugby League was a game in crisis. After the Grand Final, an unprecedented eight triple-centurions hung up their boots and the off-season was immediately dominated by highly-publicised player controversy.

The NRL needed to prove to fans that there was still something to be proud of in their game, and at their club.

We created a game-changing platform that ushered in the New Era of rugby league.

2019 Pre-Season
When Australian sports fans turned to see watch who’d win Super Bowl LIII, we crowned our own World Champions.

2019 Season Launch
When the NRL endured an “off-season from hell”, we helped the league draw a line in the sand and take a stronger stance on off-field player behaviour.

2019 State of Origin
When the nation was divided by inter-state hate, we united all Australians in rivalry.

2019 Finals Series
When the season concluded, we injected the NRL & NRLW Grand Finals with a shot of equal opportunity.

@ R/GA Sydney
ECD: Bob Mackintosh
ECD: Craig Brooks
CW: Jonathon Shannon
AD: Pete Majarich
AD: Long Truong