Mastercard launched their Contactless “tap” transaction technology in New Zealand in 2013, but constant advertising had failed to make an impact: 76% of New Zealanders didn’t tap at checkout. Ever.

New Zealand was simply a nation of card-inserting PIN punchers…and we needed to change that.

To change the transaction behaviour of an entire nation, we made tapping more than just a way to pay. Tap For Your Town gave all New Zealanders the opportunity to bring former All Blacks captain Richie McCaw out of retirement to play a game of touch rugby against their town’s local team.

The rules were simple: the town with the most taps would win.

When Queenstown emerged victorious with an incredible 11.2 taps per capita, the game between Richie’s All Stars and the (confusingly-named) ‘Arrowtown’ locals was broadcast to 480k New Zealanders on Facebook Live – making it the biggest game of touch rugby in New Zealand’s history.

Tap For Your Town generated 13.24 million taps in just 10 weeks, and is projected to deliver over NZD$212 million of value to Mastercard.

@ McCann Sydney
ECD: Jerker Fagerström
CD: Marcus Tesoriero
CW: Jonathon Shannon
AD: Long Truong