Nearly 600k Australians visit Hong Kong each year, but few choose to fly with Cathay Pacific. To change this, we needed to create a strong connection between the city and its airline.

Neuroscience tells us that our sense of smell “brings back memories much faster and stronger than any of our other senses” (Dr. Oliver Baumann, Queensland Brain Institute), so we gave Australians a unique way to capture and re-live their travel memories more vividly than ever before.

Parfums de Voyage is a first-of-its-kind sensory souvenir that uses data and fragrance analysis to create a ‘return journey through scent’.

By combining tourism metadata with individual digital footprints, we determined the precise fragrance profile of each traveller’s Hong Kong journey – and worked with a Fragrance Specialist to create a bespoke perfume to evoke their specific memories of the city.

@ McCann Sydney
ECD: Jerker Fagerström
CW: Jonathon Shannon
AD: Long Truong